Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

obstacle course

Obstacle Course

Benjamin at the Washington County Fair

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Crisp Sheets

What’s the deal with “crisp sheets”, wanting to crawl into bed between nice, clean, crisp sheets? Clean is good, but crisp? When I’m thinking sleep, I’m thinking soft. Why would I want to sleep on something crispy? I might as well be sleeping on a layer of lightly baked cheese flavored crackers. Crisp should be for snack foods and spring mornings, not sheets.

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The Space Bag

I just saw this commercial for this thing called a Space Bag. It’s one of those “buy it on TV in the next ten minutes and get another one free” kind of infomercials. You can stuff them full of some pile of crap you have lying around, suck the air out with the vacuum, and throw it in the back of the closet. Obviously, this product is the latest and greatest thing on the market for hoarders. Sure, maybe a few people buy them because they actually have only a few possessions, but live in a tiny apartment or something, but I would bet that most of the Space Bag customers are hoarders. How could a hoarder not love this thing? You could just scoop that pile off the couch and right into the bag and store it, along with several other space bags, in the trunk of your car. I’ve thought about getting some, but the problem I would face is that I don’t know much about using the vacuum. I can run it over the carpet and suck up the dirt, but when it comes to using that hose or those attachments or sucking air out of a bag, I don’t have a clue.

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Small Town Parade

Cub scouts, horses, and tractors
10:00 AM
The high school band
Handfuls of candy thrown into the grass
Trading with strangers, Smarties for Tootsie Rolls
Kid who goes to school with your best friend’s kid
Floats that are flatbed trailers filled with county princesses and politicians
Smiling, handing out buttons
Biscuits and gravy for breakfast
Homemade brownies for fifty cents
And the fire truck comes back around

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Project planning

Yeah, I can find all the cool, free iPhone apps for project planning, to do lists, organizing my life with check boxes, all of that… Lists teaming with plans and ideas and dreams. But, ya know, I just don’t do them…

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My iPhone, My Love

I am in love with a device. It is the best toy I have ever had; it’s even more fun than Legos!

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And here’s what Darla Kay has to say……

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