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OK, Wow!

Posted by on April 15, 2012

Darla Kay

I have this blog set up at my own domain. I can think of it as real now. I can’t wait to tell you about all the stuff I think about all day! Like if I were to figure up which food I’ve have eaten the most of in my life by weight, it would probably be macaroni and cheese. I want to show you my photos. I want to link you over to my travel blog and keep you updated on all my road trips and plans and also link you up with my after school lesson plans blog (coming soon). I want to make jigsaw puzzles for you and share my recipes and my household tips with you (like getting burn off of stuff). I’ll tell you what I think about things in the news and also how I feel about them. I can be quite nostalgic, and I like to reminisce about old movies and videos from the 80s and earlier. I’ll tell you about the books I read and about movies that I think you might not have seen because they have unfortunate titles or whatnot. I’m OCD and a hoarder so I might talk about that some. And the agnosias. Hopefully, I’ll run across some funny stuff to show you as I read labels in my spare time. I also have a lot of opinions about TV commercials.

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