Toilet Paper, Yeah, Toilet Paper

I am starting to find this toilet paper controversy a little annoying. Which way should the roll go on? Why does anyone care? I can’t really tell a difference either way. I think anyone who cares is just looking for something to complain about. Here’s the solution. When the toilet paper roll is empty, instead of waiting for someone to put a new one on there wrong, get up off your ass and put a new roll on there yourself. Put it on there however you like it. If you encounter a roll that is not the way you like it, take it off and turn it around. Take charge of your toileting life and quit complaining about toilet paper.

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Thanksgiving Pie!



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In My Honest Opinion

The phrase “in my honest opinion” is such a redundancy, and I can’t understand how it’s gained such popular use. Of course whatever you have just stated is your own opinion and not someone else’s whose opinion is different from your own. Who would do that?

Honest opinions are even worse. Do you really need to say that you’re being honest? Do you normally lie and this time need to point out that you are telling the truth for a change?

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Stupid Walmart Deli

What is with those damn Walmart deli workers. There are three of them behind the counter. One is furiously writing in a very important looking ledger. It looks like one is counting chickens or something, and the third is just running around, trying to look busy. No one will acknowledge that I’m standing at the counter, waiting to buy some of this food. Do they not understand why they are cooking and counting and writing about this food? Do they not know that the food is there to sell to customers? I’m thinking, I can’t believe I’m actually going to have to call one of them over. Finally I did.  And she was not happy about it. I wave my arm at her as she rushes past, and point at the food in the case. “Can I get some food?” I ask, waving my arm at the food case. She slopped my food into dishes and flung them over the counter at me.

Do they just hate their jobs and think they’ll feel better about themselves if they refuse to do their jobs? I had a job once that I hated so much that I quit recycling, but I didn’t turn into a rude ass.

This is the not the first time I’ve had this encounter at the Walmart deli. That’s their reputation — bad service.

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OK, Wow!

Darla Kay

I have this blog set up at my own domain. I can think of it as real now. I can’t wait to tell you about all the stuff I think about all day! Like if I were to figure up which food I’ve have eaten the most of in my life by weight, it would probably be macaroni and cheese. I want to show you my photos. I want to link you over to my travel blog and keep you updated on all my road trips and plans and also link you up with my after school lesson plans blog (coming soon). I want to make jigsaw puzzles for you and share my recipes and my household tips with you (like getting burn off of stuff). I’ll tell you what I think about things in the news and also how I feel about them. I can be quite nostalgic, and I like to reminisce about old movies and videos from the 80s and earlier. I’ll tell you about the books I read and about movies that I think you might not have seen because they have unfortunate titles or whatnot. I’m OCD and a hoarder so I might talk about that some. And the agnosias. Hopefully, I’ll run across some funny stuff to show you as I read labels in my spare time. I also have a lot of opinions about TV commercials.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Through

obstacle course

Obstacle Course

Benjamin at the Washington County Fair

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Crisp Sheets

What’s the deal with “crisp sheets”, wanting to crawl into bed between nice, clean, crisp sheets? Clean is good, but crisp? When I’m thinking sleep, I’m thinking soft. Why would I want to sleep on something crispy? I might as well be sleeping on a layer of lightly baked cheese flavored crackers. Crisp should be for snack foods and spring mornings, not sheets.

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The Space Bag

I just saw this commercial for this thing called a Space Bag. It’s one of those “buy it on TV in the next ten minutes and get another one free” kind of infomercials. You can stuff them full of some pile of crap you have lying around, suck the air out with the vacuum, and throw it in the back of the closet. Obviously, this product is the latest and greatest thing on the market for hoarders. Sure, maybe a few people buy them because they actually have only a few possessions, but live in a tiny apartment or something, but I would bet that most of the Space Bag customers are hoarders. How could a hoarder not love this thing? You could just scoop that pile off the couch and right into the bag and store it, along with several other space bags, in the trunk of your car. I’ve thought about getting some, but the problem I would face is that I don’t know much about using the vacuum. I can run it over the carpet and suck up the dirt, but when it comes to using that hose or those attachments or sucking air out of a bag, I don’t have a clue.

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Small Town Parade

Cub scouts, horses, and tractors
10:00 AM
The high school band
Handfuls of candy thrown into the grass
Trading with strangers, Smarties for Tootsie Rolls
Kid who goes to school with your best friend’s kid
Floats that are flatbed trailers filled with county princesses and politicians
Smiling, handing out buttons
Biscuits and gravy for breakfast
Homemade brownies for fifty cents
And the fire truck comes back around

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Project planning

Yeah, I can find all the cool, free iPhone apps for project planning, to do lists, organizing my life with check boxes, all of that… Lists teaming with plans and ideas and dreams. But, ya know, I just don’t do them…

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